Cardas Clear Light Headphone Cable for Sennheiser HD800 6.3mm Jack – 1.5m Price: £329.00 (as of 20/10/2021 15:08 PST- Details)


Significantly optimize the performance of your Sennheiser headphones with the Cardas Headphone Cable. Designed specifically for Sennheiser HD-800 headphones, the custom designed Cardas cable significantly improves performance by replacing the not up to ideal stock wiring. Easily fits in seconds

Cardas Audio pioneered the headphone upgrade cables many years ago. For years audiophiles have improved the performance of their audio systems with Cardas interconnects and speaker cables, it is just logical that they would desire the highest level of performance from their headphones.

Cardas is proud to introduce the Clear Light Headphone cable. This cable is the least expensive model to employ their Matched Propagation technology cable.

Clear Light Headphone offers much of the performance advances of a Clear Headphone in a more price sensitive package.

Much like Clear Headphone, Clear Light Headphone is the recent design in matched propagation conductors from George Cardas. Its jacket is an intricate fabric weave that may be both silky to the touch but also helps to prevent it from catching on clothing. Essential because in the end, it is among the few Cardas products that you wear.

Clear Light Headphone is priced in between Cardas Cross Headphone cable and Cardas Clear Headphone cable.

Hearing is believing!

Proprietary molded mini headphone connections get rid of pointless soldered connections found in other replacement cables, thus bettering signal transfer.

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