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Betron JRS40 Pop Up Portable Mini Travel II Capsule Rechargeable 40mm Speaker For Iphone, iPod, Ipad, Tablets and MP3 Players - White

Betron JRS40 Pop Up Portable Mini Travel II Capsule Rechargeable 40mm Speaker For Iphone, iPod, Ipad, Tablets and MP3 Players - White

Quick Overview

  • Compact size portable speaker, Matte black finish, High quality sound, with clear bass. Available in 8 Different Colours. Choose the Colour you prefer from the Colour Chart

  • Very Portable speaker with long continuous playback from one charge

  • This mini speaker provides great sound in a portable package Toss into your bag so youre never far from a party, or loop a lanyard through it for easy portability

  • Unscrew to activate pop-out feature to increase volume and bass Speaker jack tucks away discreetly into bottom of speaker LED indicator light shows if device is on or off

  • Ideal Travel Speaker. Betron Speaker is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod , Mp3 Players and All Android Mobile Phones. This extraordinary audio device offers the right balance between sound quality and portability.

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Betron Pop Up Portable Mini Travel II Capsule Rechargeable Speaker is a compact travel speaker with big sounds! Using a revolutionary accordion style build, this little speaker opens up to create a chamber that produces resonant sound with amazing bass and clarity for a speaker of its size.

It really needs to be heard to be believed! This superbly designed Pop Up Portable Mini Travel II Capsule Rechargeable Speaker is also powered by internal re-chargeable batteries that will keep belting out tunes for longer and charge conveniently via Mini USB port. Pop Up Portable Mini Travel II Capsule Rechargeable Speaker has pocket-sized portability with a huge bass chamber and compact cone design to create a large sound.

Now you can share your music wherever you go! This foldable, portable speaker integrates a dome design with a vacuum bass system to project sound in all directions with a booming bass. Plug it in to your laptop to watch a movie with great sound quality or your mp3 player to listen to some music at the park. This speaker will become your ultimate music buddy with 6 hours of battery life. Compatible with all line in audio sources and has a built in audio cord

Additional Information

Manufacturer Betron
Brand Betron
Model Portable Speakers
MPN Portable Speakers
EAN 5060264024247
Color White
Feature N/A

Customer Reviews

Very cool speaker with excellent performance Review by MR M GRUBB
Very cool speaker with excellent performance. Comes with a cloth drawstring carrying case and a charging cable (mini usb). The 3.5mm audio jack extends from the unit on a short 2 inch cable. There's also a 3.5mm audio socket providing an alternative input that I found useful as I could connect my phone and mp3 player at the same time. There's also a volume thumbwheel, an on/off switch and blue led power indicator.The unit itself is about the size and shape of a satsuma with a flat bottom and three little rubber feet. It's made from tough plastic with a matt black finish. There's a handy loop on the top that protects the speaker and could also be used to clip or tie the unit if you wanted to secure it to something.If you twist the top and bottom halves, they spring apart and the unit opens up, improving the quality of the sound. The sound quality is excellent it has to be said, incredible for such a small unit. Powerful bass that was enough to move the unit on a wooden surface when playing music with a lot of bass.All in all I am very happy with my purchase, the only thing I would change is the charging socket from mini to micro usb so I could use the same charging cable as my phone but that's a minor niggle and it earns every one of the five out of five stars I'm giving it. (Posted on 2/7/2016)
Small, compact, light, loud and good quality sound, seems durable! Review by Terry
This speaker is incredibly small and compact, it produces loud, good quality sound and seems quite durable. This is how it held up in each of the following categories:Sound: 9. For it's size these speakers produce a very loud sound. When listening to music in my room I keep them at half volume and when in the car with the family at 75% volume. At full volume the sound is loud enough to fill a medium sized room but do not expect to use these for a party or a gathering with more than several people.Also note that the bass is pretty good, it is quite low pitched and generally deep, but at full volume the speakers sometimes get a little tinny and even a bit screechy. Only those who are aware about the bass in music and speakers will notice this, though.Size: 10. When the top bit is tightened, these are, undoubtedly, the smallest speakers I have ever owned. They easily fit in the palm of your hand or your pocket and are incredibly light. Music can be played both with the speakers 'closed' and 'open' but the sound is louder when open.Durability: 9. The device is made out of a soft rubber type material and feels relatively sturdy. I did a standard shoulder height drop test onto stone and these speakers held up just fine without any problems. However, though more comfortable and fashionable, the soft mat material is not quite as strong as metal/strong plastics are.Battery: The battery lasts about 7 hours and is rechargeable. I have not had any problems with it.I have the wired version, so I cannot comment on the wireless connection, but from what I have seen in other reviews the Bluetooth connection works properly up to 10m and is easy to connect to devices. The Bluetooth version also come with an audio cable to connect the speakers to devices that do not have Bluetooth, such as old phones and MP3 players.Pro's:+ 7 hour battery life approx+ Extremely small+ Compact, very light+ Soft mat comfortable material+ Seems pretty sturdy+ Easy to use+ Sound is relatively loud+ Different colorsCon's:- Sound is a bit tinny at full volume- Sound is only loud enough for small events, not large parties obviously (Posted on 10/13/2015)
Excellent! Review by Philip J. Noonan
I bought one of these a few months ago, and completely forgot to give it a review.Frankly, for the price, it's actually a remarkable little piece of Audio kit that almost immediately has become a vital, essential item in my house.I use it with my phone and Spotify in the garden, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, and in the living room plugged into my iPad of an evening.It carries an immense charge in the rechargeable battery, giving a good solid 6-8 hours of either constant use, or multiple sessions.The sound will obviously never come close to a Sonos or a Bose, but it has no rights whatsoever to be as good as it is for such a ridiculously tiny price!A few family members heard it, and bought one for themselves.Highly recommended to any and everyone who wants a decent, full sound instead of the weak and weedy noise from a phone, tablet or laptop.Excellent! (Posted on 10/5/2015)
Beautiful little travel speaker with surprisingly great sound. Review by PC Bitseach
I absolutely love this little speaker. I didn't expect too much from such a tiny device (it's about the size of an egg, and even unscrewed into its working mode, it's still about the side of a large kiwi fruit) but thought it could only be better than my iPhone/iPad speakers, but it's *really* good - opened up, the bass is great but also has a really good range of sound across all frequencies.I've had it at full volume for both classical and modern (drum and bass) and there's minimal if any distortion for either genre. It comes with its own travel pouch and has a USB charging lead. I got the wired version, and the integrated wire tucks discretely into the base of the speaker.Great design, and really shockingly good sound. Excellent value. Can't recommend highly enough. (Posted on 9/17/2015)
Great little portable speaker Review by k
What I liked:1) very compact size, when folded fits any bag without taking any space...2) decent quality and loud sound (for 12.90£ and its size)3) super easy bluetooth-iphone setupWhat I did not like:1) mini-usb charger (it is too old!!! is it used anywhere??) instead of standard micro-usb (most modern smartphones and other devices use). Why not make microusb?! You'll have to carry additional cable to charge it...2) slight but noticeble stand-by hissing sound (you can hear it when no sound is playing), that is standard and you can easily avoid that by buying a 150£+ speaker :)For its cheap price - the device is a great toy to have :) it much better than any smartphone speaker anyway (Posted on 4/4/2015)
ok but not great - there are much better ones out there Review by Tim
This speaker is ok but it lacks sound quality which the description seems to rave about. It has a decent volume for a 3w output but don't play this too loud because the speaks soon gets damaged if you exceed the max output ( about 26\30 on my Nokia Lumia. Saying this though betron is not a rubbish company, they produce the best earphones I have ever used (b750s) and their customer service is brilliant. Shame this speaker isn't though. I recently bought a SHARKK boombox which has a 10w output and a subwoofer. Equally portable but better in every way (beating a jawbone jambox, jbl charge, beats pill and about the same as a Bose sounlink2) hope this helps! (Posted on 3/28/2015)
Great mini bluetooth speaker Review by Mr. Kerry Twite
I bought the blue one of these for my 11 year old son for Christmas, as he wanted something portable that he could fit in his pocket and carry around and which didn't have cables. This speaker fitted the bill perfectly and he is very happy with it. His favourite features are:1. It pops up when you want to use and then presses down into a more compact size for carrying around2. When popped up the longer tube shaped extension concertina in the middle really seems to enhance the sound, particularly the bass3. It's loud - surprisingly loud for something this size and even I was surprised4. It's bluetooth so he doesn't need to carry separate cables around.. he likes to leave it the corner somewhere and then surprise his friends by connecting to it from his phone or iPod and suddenly playing music loudly through it from the other side of the room!One final point is that the battery life seems really good as well - all in all a great purchase and thoroughly recommended! (Posted on 2/24/2015)
Excellent sound quality for it's size Review by Herbie
Excellent little gadget giving superb quality sound for its size, fits in the palm of your hand. The speaker is Bluetooth but can be wired to your device via 3.5mm jack cable, not supplied. USB charge cable supplied. Easily connected to both my smartphone & tablet via Bluetooth & the sound quality was great from both devices, popping up the speaker enhances the bass. My family didn't believe me when I pointed to the speaker when they asked where the music was coming from, they were very impressed. It is well built & excellent value for money. (Posted on 11/12/2014)
An Outstanding product with a great sound. It has a volume control Review by I. Dunbar
This is the same as the XMINi [I have both] minus the title.An Outstanding product with a great sound. It has a volume control, on and off switch, mini usb socket for charging, short cord with mini stereo jack plug and mini jack socket,Mini indicator light on base illuminates when switched on. Delivery was speedy and was well packaged.People may not realize that factories produce for various customers needs and requests. Same product with different names. However the prices vary tremendously. So when purchasing, check out the specs carefully. Once again I am very happy with this product. Hope this was helpful. (Posted on 9/20/2014)
Small but what an amazing sound. Perfect to fit in the suitcase and ... Review by chris Devitt
Small but what an amazing sound. Perfect to fit in the suitcase and take on holiday. Being rechargeable is a bonus with not having to take batteries in the suitcase.Service was fantastic to, will buy from you again with pleasure. (Posted on 9/18/2014)
Top class Review by Loulass
Thrilled with this speaker had already bought 2 similar from another seller and was greatly disappointed so I decided to give this one a go!it is brilliant easy to connect and use,the sound is fab really can't recommend highly enough. (Posted on 1/1/2014)
Small Speaker, Huge Sound Review by Steviooo
Scepticism is a wonderful thing and something I was guilty of with this purchase. I bought this speaker for going on holiday as it was small, weighs very little and allowed me to leave my main docking station at home for fear of it getting damaged.I bought this based firstly on the price and secondly on the positive reviews.I wasn't expecting a great deal from it, but the unit is fantastic. It comes well packed in a flip lid box, the speaker itself is contained within polystyrene which keeps it from being damaged in transit. Also within the box is a charging cable and a separate link cable to allow you to link multiple speaker together.Setting up the device is so simple. The speaker actually had charge in it straight out of the box and I turned my bluetooth on on my phone and it found the device immediately and allowed me to pair it with ease. All you need to do now is select a song from your playlist and enjoy.For the size of it (somewhere between a squash ball and a tennis ball) the sound is amazing, very good bass sound and not tinny as I was expecting.There is a small circular rubber strip on the base of the unit, this helps the unit to stay in position when it is in use.I tended to leave my phone close to the unit when playing music for the best reception however I tested how far away from the unit I could be and it was around 10m before the signal started to drop.If you are looking for a cheap bluetooth speaker then you will not be disappointed, the sound and portability are both fantastic and the ability to link multiple speakers together is a bonus (I have not linked more than one together so I can't comment on the sound quality). Finally the unit itself is very robust, it has fallen from various tables etc and casing protects the speaker very well. (Posted on 11/27/2013)
Size isn't everything ! Review by Mr S F Holman
I bought this to enhance the sound output from my ipad without having to use headphones, and so I could listen to podcasts and itunes in the car, and on holiday on the beach and in my room, using the bluetooth connectivity. I read a lot of favourable reviews on Amazon and decided to give it a go - hey it's only £17 after all!It arrived promptly from Amazon (great service from them as usual) and is very nicely packaged, ideal if you want it for a gift for someone. The box even has a magnetic clip for opening and closing!On opening the box I was struck firstly by how small it is, and secondly by it's funky appearance.It's well made, nice to hold, and I warmed to it straight away.Charging via the included USB cable is via your computer and takes only an hour or so. You can also purchase a mains charger if you want one. There is also an included 3.5mm jack to jack cable included if you want to plug it in to non bluetooth devices.Connection / pairing to my ipad via bluetooth was dead easy. Then all you need to do is go into iTunes or one of your radio, tv or podcast apps and you're off!For it's size and price the audio output is quite surprising. It produces a great and solid sound for such a small device and you can alter the tone to taste using the equaliser function on your ipad, or simply by how and where you position the device. Don't expect stunning bass performance obviously, but the overall performance over the whole dynamic range is quite smooth and pretty good for something which to be honest is tiny. I wouldn't say I'm an audiophile, but I am quite fussy about my audio, and I like it! You can enhance the base a bit more if you want by opening it up and expanding it a bit like a little accordion.This is such a compact device, ideal for anywhere around the house, taking on holiday, putting in your pocket, or blu tacking it to the dash of your car. Some people had grumbled about the bluetooth range, but I find it perfectly adequate, giving great connectivity anywhere within the same room, in adjacent rooms, or even through the closed door when I take it into the bathroom. It's probably best to try not to get it wet though - they don't claim it's waterproof!I'm giving it 5 stars because you can't fault it for such a small, relatively inexpensive device. Don't expect a piece of top quality hi-fi, but if your expectations are within reasonable bounds I think you will love it!Steve Holman (Leicester) (Posted on 10/23/2013)
Just as good as the branded speaker Review by rebecca23
Works great, excellent value for money! Arrived quickly and the battery lasted a long time. Perfect for carrying around in your handbag, I used it for days on the beach and it's louder than I expected. Great seller too. (Posted on 6/13/2013)
i must say I am Impressed Review by AmazonUSER
It's Wonderful! Great volume, Compact Size, Good Build Quality, Wireless Built-in Bluetooth , Rechargeable batteries, Half Meter Extension Cable and comes in a nice packaing. Lets look more in depth.Volume- It fills a large bedroom with great sounding...sound. Good bass for its size but do not expect something like a subwoofer.Size- It fits in your hand, light and perfect for traveling or for the beach! Enough SaidBuild Quality- It feels strong, sturdy and solid.Wireless- The bluetooth feature works flawlessly with my Iphone and Ipad and has a great distance.( indoors around 4-5 meters outdoors 10 meters)Wired Connection - Half Meter long Audio cable included so it can be connected to any device which has 3.5mm jack connection. Can be easily used with any non Bluetooth devices.Rechargeable- Great Battery Life , Not Too Long Recharge TimeI would highly recommend this product anyone who is looking for portable speakers. Similar items are being sold around £30 , this is a deal not to be missed. I can't express how impressed I am with the little Betron speaker, I never expected anything like that kind of sound from something so tiny. I can't recommend them highly enough. (Posted on 5/6/2013)
Got to be heard to be believed!! Review by Fluffyskulls
This was an Amazon deal of the day. £6.99 and worth every penny. Amazing sound from such a small speaker and great quality sound at that. I've got another good travel speaker but that needs batteries and is much bigger. The fact that this is so portable and has a rechargeable battery built in is a bonus. As others have mentioned the cable is minuscule but it's designed just to plug into your phone or I device and put on the side. If you want a longer cable then Amazon have plenty of 3.5mm jack extensions from 1 to 3 metres and only cost a couple of pounds so you can order one of those.. Like I just did.The deal is over now and up to £9.99 (usually £19.99) I would still pay that and am thinking of getting another for my wife who's eyeing mine jealously!!! (Posted on 4/15/2013)
The best item I have ever bought on amazon Review by Jonboy28
I bought this at the offer price of 6.99This is without doubt the best item I have ever bought online anywhere!A big thing in a small package, the sound is mindblowing for something the size of one of my testicles after a weeks abstained sexual activity!The only gripe I'd have is that the wire that you plug into your music device could do with being a few inches longer (thats what she said)Even at the normal selling price it's a bargain!Buy it and you will be delighted! (Posted on 4/11/2013)
X Mini Alternative Review by caz
After reading the reviews I was skeptical that this speaker would be as good as the X Mini, I thought hey why not give it a go anyway and bought 2. Now Im pretty picky when it comes to sound quality (used a gear 4 dock once when my Xmini broke was just like no) and I have to say the sound is easily as good as the X mini having previously owned one. So basically I would highly recommend it as a Xmini substitute, it is basically the same speaker, probably both made in china (know the xmini is) and really how much can you cheap out on the minimal materials that go in to this. Only different thing is it hasnt got an Xmini logo. Only thing I found was it had a slight bit of feedback from my 6th gen ipod nano but strangely works perfect with everything else Ive tried it on (multiple phones, different models of ipod).So overall, buy it! You wont regret it! (Posted on 12/19/2012)

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