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Betron KBS08 Wireless Portable Travel Bluetooth Speaker Black

Betron KBS08 Wireless Portable Travel Bluetooth Speaker Black

Quick Overview

  • Unique Alloy housing KBS Wireless Speakers are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices as well as NonBluetooth devices with 3.5mm jack.

  • Betron Bluetooth speakers are equipped with built in microphone for Handsfree calling, Builtin TF slot support MP3 Music Play and Built in FM Radio.

  • With most popular KBS08 Travel Speakers enjoy your music anytime and anywhere .Betron Wireless speakers Bluetooth connection can be easily paired with devices within 10 meters range.

  • Betron speakers Bluetooth connection can be easily paired with devices within 10 meters range. Rechargeable speaker streams your favorite music.

  • Crank up the volume and fill your room with music. Place the portable speaker on wood table or desk to get best Bass effect.

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Whether you are at a house party, vacation getaway, family gathering or just relaxing at home, the Betron Wireless Bluetooth Speaker will be your new best friend. Imagine awesome clear sound with you anytime and anywhere. It's always a good time to crank up the volume and fill your room with music or take the party with you! Betron Portable Speakers will fulfill all your travel needs.

This Portable Travel Speaker definitely has its benefits :

• Easy to pair - No code/pin needed. Works with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, including iPhone & Android, tablets, iPad, laptop or MP3 players.
• A powerful, compact speaker for listening to music - change tracks from your phone or any Bluetooth device
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery plays up to 5 hours
• Built-in microphone allows you to use the speakers Bluetooth for phone calls - perfect for hands-free calling
• As an alternative you can use the 3.5mm Aux as another option for sound input. It also has a 3W power output and supports Micro SD cards (not included).

Specs :

Bluetooth Version: V3.0 +EDR
Working Range: Up to 33 Feet
Battery Charge Time: 3 hours
Dimension: 6 x 6 x 6cm
Driver: 40mm
Output: 3w
Frequency Response: 200HZ-16KHZ
Signal to Noise: 95dB
Rechargeable Speaker battery capacity: 500MHA

What's Included :

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wireless
Mini USB Charging Cable with 3.5mm audio connector
User Manual

Additional Information

Manufacturer Betron
Brand Betron
Model Bluetooth Speakers
MPN Bluetooth Speakers
EAN 5060264023233
Color Black
Feature N/A

Customer Reviews

Excellent value for money Review by Andrew Emblow
Betron KBS08 Wireless Portable Travel Bluetooth Speaker Gold. I can highly recommend this Bluetooth speaker. I wasn’t expecting much for the price but was surprised when it burst into life with a nice deep rich rounded sound.I bought this to listen to podcasts and music from my phone. Setting it up was easy just turn Bluetooth on, on the phone and flick the on switch on the speaker and the speaker speaks to you as it starts up and pairs with Bluetooth devices.The build quality, in my opinion, is good for the price all switches feel good and it has a reassuring weight to it in the hand.The pros for me are:Good sound and volumeGood build qualityExcellent value for moneyVery portableeasy to useThe cons:It would have been nice to be able to turn the LED lights off. (Posted on 11/26/2016)
Excellent speaker. Excellent sound. Excellent company. Review by Jack
When this speaker first arrived, it was unfortunately cosmetically damaged and missing the cable.I sent a message to the company just as a heads up and thought nothing more of it as I had plenty of old cables to use with it and the cosmetics weren't especially important to me.2 days later, a brand new speaker was sent to me in perfect condition, no questions asked. I really wish more companies were as committed as this one to customer satisfaction!On to the speaker;For the size, the clarity and depth of sound are impeccable. Especially when placed on a hollow surface that amplifies the bass notes.It's small enough to fit in your pocket, yet loud enough to fill a room. I bought mine to listen to music whilst using an orbital sander, and I can still hear it over the top of the sander.A ring of LEDs around the circumference and around the top of the speaker grille cycle different colours when music is playing. This could be a little annoying for some as they cannot be switched off, but I personally like them.A headphone output means that you can wirelessly stream music to your surround sound or hi-fi system, something I did not know it could do!A couple of criticisms, rather than complaints:The voice that is used to tell you whether bluetooth is connected is very SHOUTY, and cannot be turned down. Possibly a downfall if you wanted to listen to music quietly at night!The charging port is a Mini USB rather than Micro USB, which in my opinion is fairly outdated now as everything uses Micro!On very bass heavy songs, it has the tendency to vibrate across the surface it's on. I solved this by making sure the rubber feet were clean and sticky.In my opinion, you cannot get a better wireless speaker in this price range, the speaker has an output of 3w but it honestly keeps up with my small hi-fi system which is rated at 15w! (Posted on 7/7/2016)
Amazing Value for Money Review by electro-review
The Betron KBS08 is a small lightweight Bluetooth speaker that really packs a punch. I purchased this because I wanted a speaker to take on my travels and sometimes use at work instead of the standard speakers on my phone.I was a little skeptical of the speaker because it appeared too good to be true at just £11. Well I went for it and I was not left wanting.The speaker weighs just 235 grams and has 3 distinct settings, Bluetooth, Radio and auxiliary.Additional to that and there are 4 ways to connect your devices to the speaker:1. Bluetooth.2. Headphone Cable.3. SD Card.4. USB.When you plug in a headphone cable, SD card or USB then the speaker auto selects the correct mode for you. The sound is great and really surprising given the price of the speaker. The led lighting was a real hidden suprise for me and the fact that it changes colors when sound is played was truly excellent. (Posted on 6/11/2016)
Brilliant little thing Review by Abi22
I would definitely recommend this speaker. Very easy to use. Reminds you to connect to blue tooth when you turn it on. It plays really really well, the sound quality is good. It also lights up different colours while it plays! Which an set the mood! I have bought it take on holiday so I can play music via my phone, but have used it loads at home already! Love it, & great value. (Posted on 6/4/2016)
Last bargain left in quality audio Review by R. Gwilliam
I've got three of these things. That pretty much gives you an idea of my feelings on them.It's not that they break; far from it, beyond the scuffings of what I've put them through, all of them work perfectly, but the designs have been subtly improved over the couple of years they've been available. The latest flat-topped one, I bought for the aux in jack, and I'm pleased to note that it's subtly weightier than the last model - which on occasion would.. go for a wander under the influence of its own bass power if you turned it up too high.One thing that's been present from day one in Betron speakers is an astounding combination of power and sound fidelity. You'd be amazed, to look at them, at the combination of warm pounding bass and crystal clear treble that they pump out, at a volume to rock a respectably sized room; they rival my TV in volume with great fidelity all the way to the top. For ten quid. I've got three. I don't know *how* many I've bought for friends, to be honest I've kept one in the back of the cupboard on occasion for when I forget someone's birthday.I'm giving it five stars, despite a couple of.. idiosyncracies; Betron (despite kindly informing me that they're a UK company) have always had a voice - Chinese, I think, although I'm no expert - announcing input modes in oddly-pronounced English, and the aux in jack is labelled with headphones despite being completely without headphone functionality. Plus, and this is slightly baffling to me, they've added disco lights that you can't turn off. That one's genuinely a bit irritating, actually, although it would be a nice feature if it had a switch. Maybe future version will.I say this mostly to emphasize that I don't work for them. I'm not being paid or in any way remunerated for this review, I just received an email from Betron politely requesting that maybe I'd like to review their product. And none of its modest, completely forgettable quirks should stop most people from buying one of these gizmos before they realize that ten quid is, frankly, too much of a bargain. (Posted on 4/12/2016)
Good sound, pretty colours, aux lead didn't work Review by Tara
So when you turn it on for the first time this futuristic American woman gives you instructions to get your bluetooth on. She gives some about radio and aux input as well as those are the 3 modes. Modes can be changed with the innovately named 'Mode' button.The sound quality is brilliant so far (2 days), I had a X mini speaker previously and this sounds a lot better. Comparing it a bit to the X mini, there's no nice little velvety bag to store it and the lead in. It's also quite a bit heavier at 230g, but hopefully that means it'll be able to take a bit more heavy-handedness than I could coax from my X mini.I had no problem getting my laptop to play through bluetooth either. I love the flashing lights, you'd think I'd feel a little ridiculous studying by myself with this thing doing it's light blue, dark blue, purple, red, yellow, green and repeat thing next to me, but I don't. It's party time all the time.I knocked off one star because I will primarily use it with my mp3 and an aux lead, and the lead provided didn't work. It's the same lead to charge it and to used the aux function. The charging worked fine, and then I took it off charge and tried to use my (admittedly, old) mp3 with the aux. It fit in, but no sound. Nevermind. Technology was spelt 'technolody' on the box. And I've never heard of a 'micoro SD card', also written on the box, but then again I'm clearly no techie. (Posted on 1/11/2016)
Excellent speaker with great sound Review by Hewy
Excellent product and sound quality for such a small speaker. I bought three of these one for my daughter and the other 2 for my niece's. If you are after a small speaker which can deliver good quality then look no further.Also very fast dispatch time so if you want a great speaker and need it in a hurry this is the retailer to use. (Posted on 12/11/2015)
Great for the price Review by Martin Matjulski
For the price this speaker really delivers. The sound is clean, and if used on a plain surface like a table, it extends the bass to the surface and gives a bit better depth. The range is kind of short, for me it works flawlessly within 5 meters, which has been adequate for my use. Above that distance they start to loose the connection.The speaker light up in different colors whic look cool, but also bare in mind that this feature cannot be turned of so think twice if you're looking for a speaker for when you go to sleep.It has fm radio which I haven't been able to get to work, but the places I've tried also had bad phone reception.And finally it has a speakerphone feature that for me did not work the audio was very staggering and the receiver could not hear me. I didn't buy the speaker for this so it doesn't effect my score.The verdict is that for the price it's a great speaker it plays loud and clear and with okay bass when used on a plain surface. I recommend this speaker (Posted on 6/8/2015)
Avoid Review by Ursula
Stopped working after a few months, and when it did work, it came out with a horrible nasal robotic female voice every time it was switched on, which kept announcing each mode very loudly as I switched through them to get the mode I wanted. As I was using this at work, I got quite self-conscious so had to plug headphones into it each time I switched it on so people wouldn't ask what the hell it was! In addition, the battery only lasts for a few hours, though the sound quality wasn't too bad. It's cheap, but with this product, you get what you pay for... (Posted on 5/9/2015)
Not 100% perfect but boy does it punch above it's weight! Review by Mr. J. E. Dagless
First this is is half the size you think it is. Not much bigger than a salt or pepper shaker. I got the wood version as I felt that may be less susceptible to vibration and more robust than plastic. Yes it is wood or maybe bamboo composite!The setup voice is hilariously 'Engrish' but there you go, can't be helped. I don't get why the Chinese love to put voice indicators on instead of just 'neutral' beeps.I was most surprised to find it has a FM radio built in too but it needs the USB cable to work as it's the aerial. The volume is good and sound quality quite surprising for its size. Very clear and provides a decent room filling sound without having to overdrive it. Experiment with surface placement for bass reinforcement. I've yet to try sitting it on a large ice cream tub.The only shame is that is uses the USB port instead of a standard 3.5mm audio jack so you have to use the nasty supplied cable. I much prefer to use my own better quality cables.However, defiantly worth investigating and putting in your holiday bag. (Posted on 4/7/2015)
A Compact, Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Impressive Sound Quality Review by Bill and Family
This is a stylishly designed, good looking, portable Bluetooth speaker with 3 watts speaker power. The product comes with a 17 inch length USB to mini USB charge lead, which incorporates a 3.5 mm jack. The jack enables you to use non-Bluetooth enabled devices by plugging them direct into the speaker using the cable.The circular shaped speaker is 2.25 inches (6 cms) tall with a diameter of 2.25 inches (6 cms) - it's small enough to sit inside an average sized coffee mug. The base is made of hard plastics and has a slide on-off button, mini USB input, and pause and shuttle forwards/backwards push button controls. My speaker is housed in cherry wood - there's a very wide variety of colours/wood finishes available.Pairing with a Bluetooth smartphone or tablet is simplicity itself. You switch on the speaker, and a light which runs the circumference of the body, between the plastic base and wooden top, flashes alternately red and blue. You go to Settings on your Bluetooth device, select Bluetooth, and then select Betron. A voice on the speaker confirms when the Bluetooth connection has been made. I had no problem pairing my iPhone 6 with this speaker. You can shuttle back and forth between tracks, or pause the music, using the controls on the speaker base.The modest sounding 3 watts of speaker power is far better than I had anticipated. The bass won't wake the inhabitants of the local graveyard, but it's full enough to avoid sounding tinny. If you put this speaker on a polished table surface, the bass is strong enough to have your speaker shuffling around, almost as if it's dancing. Even turned up to full volume, there's no distortion, which I wasn't expecting. The mid-range is warm and rich, whilst the treble range is crisp and clear. Vocals are pleasing, synth chords are full and lush, piano is sparkling, and guitar chords sharply defined. All in all, it's a very well balanced sound.The battery time is roughly three to four hours, dependent on the volume used.This speaker won't fit into my brief case, but it will fit into an average sized women's handbag, man bag or small rucksack. It's great for use in the garden (if you don't wish to upset the neighbours too much), or on the beach, or at a picnic, or whilst camping, or on a weekend away in a hotel or bed & breakfast.The product comes with a user guide in leaflet form, which is written in plain English and easy to understandSuffice it to say, this is a fairly priced, user friendly, well designed and practical Bluetooth speaker, with a sound output and quality that you wouldn't deduce from its diminutive proportions. Highly recommended.Thank you very much for reading this review. (Posted on 3/19/2015)
Impressed Review by paul finnegan
I was really impressed and pleased with this little speaker, the sound quality is very good, no problem with connecting and it looks good. For the price there is not much more you could ask, it was very well packaged and presented and looks like a real quality product. I recommended the speaker to a friend as a present for her husband's birthday and apparently he was delighted with it more than any other present. I could see me ordering more as I think they make for that unusual little gift for someone who like music and no wires. It also a versatile little thing with lots of connections and even a radio included. (Posted on 2/7/2015)
Excellent little speaker Review by Teppum
Great little bluetooth speaker. The build quality seems very good with a weighty feel to it and the USB charging lead is provided. I agree with the other reviews in that the sound is quite impressive considering it's size. I didn't expect the sound to be great as it is a small portable speaker but it packs a good punch especially if used in a small room like a bedroom. I bought it for my daughter to use in her room at uni and she's very pleased with it indeed. She says it sounds great in her room and is often pinched by others to use in the communal areas. Oh and she loves the flashing ring of lights as well, a nice touch. (Posted on 10/15/2014)
love it,love it,love it Review by Bruin
bought 2 of these brill little music boxes.available in a choice of colours i got 1 in black and 1 in red.the units are quite heavy for their size but this presents no problem as they fit in the palm of your hand.multi function for radio/music and built in micro sd slot.paired with both our phones samsung s3 and s5 instantly and the sound is brill.the unit has a nice red glow on charge and when in use has a variety of different colours flashing on a ring round the unit this looks best on the black one in my opinion.the units come with instructions tho small print but i never even looked at them and a usb charger however no plug adapter is provided so you would need to plug it into your usb slot on pc/laptop or plug usb.Though both items were ordered separately they both arrived in quick time and are well packagedhighly recommended brill sound quality bit of kit you won't be disappointed (Posted on 10/6/2014)
It has the clarity you need and feels like a quality product worth 3 times more than it's ... Review by nib
I don't do many reviews on Amazon but this little speaker has surpassed my expectations, more so because of the price and sound quality. It has the clarity you need and feels like a quality product worth 3 times more than it's price. Grab a bargain and get this it is ideal for holidays or even replacing those 2 speakers sat next to the pc, the other bonus is my laptop has sound that I can hear rather than the tinny speakers that are build in. (Posted on 9/26/2014)
Unbelievable bit of kit! Review by R. J. Wills
This is the third Betron Bluetooth speaker I've bought (I have the pop up and cube versions already) and like the other two this doesn't disappoint.Sound quality is superb and LOUD - a tip for getting good bass out of this is to place it on a closed toilet lid - who knew a toilet bowl could reverberate so well! Obviously this application is only useful when you're in the bathroom and is even less advisable when you're breaking your neck for a tom tit! Of course placing it on a table top will give you good results too.As well as a standalone speaker I use this plugged into my AV receiver via the headphone socket, essentially adding a bluetooth input to my hifi system.At this price I can't say anything more than BUY ONE NOW! (Posted on 9/25/2014)
Unbelievable bit of kit! Review by Rob Wills
This is the third Betron Bluetooth speaker I've bought (I have the pop up and cube versions already) and like the other two this doesn't disappoint.Sound quality is superb and LOUD - a tip for getting good bass out of this is to place it on a closed toilet lid - who knew a toilet bowl could reverberate so well! Obviously this application is only useful when you're in the bathroom and is even less advisable when you're breaking your neck for a tom tit! Of course placing it on a table top will give you good results too.As well as a standalone speaker I use this plugged into my AV receiver via the headphone socket, essentially adding a bluetooth input to my hifi system.At this price I can't say anything more than BUY ONE NOW! (Posted on 9/25/2014)

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